Saturday, 21 February 2009

Genuine witness

It seems like a lot of people struggle with the idea of witnessing in the workplace. I'm not sure whether I should admit that I do, since I'm a Christian youth worker.

My job got me thinking a lot about how we evangelise, and I've got a lot of reservations about the some of tactics discussed here by Dave.

There are a load of people out there who don't care about Jesus, which isn't really fair, as they've never met Him. So as Christians, we're trying to introduce people to Jesus, cos we're confident that once you meet the guy you realise what all the fuss is about, right?

And what is all the fuss about? Well; eternal life, relationship with God, adoption as a child of God and the Spirit of God living inside us, among other things.

If this is true, then why don't we just tell people?

For examplage: when I went to Romania I found Fanta Grape, which is very very nice, but not distributed to the UK. You can, however, find some purveyors of imported goods that sell it at about 150% of the cost of a normal can of Fanta. It is worth it. A South African shop recently opened in Shrewsbury, where I live, which offers Fanta Grape among many other things. If I think my friends should try Grape Fanta (one of the best drinks on the planet) what should I do?

A. Invite them to a succession of mildly competitive sporting events, and then perhaps after a year or so they might be interested in coming for a tour of the Fanta factory.

B. Every time I see them with a can of regular orange Fanta, shout at them.

C. Occasionally make passing remarks like, "There's only two things in the world that should be purple - Cadbury's wrappers and the E4 logo - everything else looks bad in purple. Although Fanta Grape is purple and it's not bad."

D. Give them some Fanta Grape.

I guess the big question is how do you give someone Jesus?

Last observation: Christians try hard not to look crazy so that they can engage with society in a non-threatening way. This is not good. Just about everything Jesus did was completely crazy. Craziness is not always attractive, but if someone was telling me they just won the lottery I'd be much more likely to believe them if they actually looked ecstatic about it.

Apparently the gospel isn't as fun, exciting or rewarding as winning the lottery.

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