Wednesday, 14 January 2009


Firstly, I must state that this post is in no way an attempt to advertise my own Youtube videos, which can be found here.

No, instead I've decided to have a quick rant about the culture of YouTube, and similar "online communities". Basically, I think it's shocking how much abuse people dish out when they can conceal themselves behind a screen. I don't get many "haterz" commenting on my videos but that could be because they don't get watched very often.

Nevertheless, I don't have to look far to come across two angry YouTubers having a no-holds-barred comment fight. It might go something like this:

pwnnoob911 says:
is tht a fender strat or a squire hes plying?

1337K1ng says:
it's a freaking telicaster u retard

pwnnoob911 says:
at least i can spel telecaster dumbass

1337K1ng says:
i hope your mom gets run down by an ice cream truck

etc. etc. etc.

Now, you also get a lot of positive comments, and you can flag any as spam if you don't like them. However, that doesn't resolve the issue that you have a bunch of 14 year-old kids sitting at their PCs being incredibly malicious. I think they need to hear about unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness. And probably a good lesson in humility. Honestly, young people these days...

They're nothing like this chap here.

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