Monday, 19 January 2009

Responding to the evolution debate

As far as evolution is concerned, I'm not certain about much. However, I am more or less convinced of one thing: if we find proof one way or another it will result in a huge amount of people looking more silly than any group of people have ever looked.

It worries me slightly to think that some people might actually choose which side of the debate to side with based on how silly they think they will look if they are later found to be wrong. That's no way to decide your opinions, even if you might end up looking very, very silly indeed.

However, will we ever find evidence that is conclusive enough for both parties? Would either group accept their silly-lookingness and move on, or would they stand defiantly until the end?

High stakes such as these amount to very exciting debates, I find. So, I am preparing to be excited by Honest to Darwin - the case for intelligent design! It'll probably be a key event in determining how my opinions will evolve.

Oh dear. LOL.

[Update: totally got a deja vu when I posted this... wierd.]

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Dissenter said...

Hi Andy

the question of looking silly for what we believe is important, as our Lord told his disciples-blessed are you when men revile you and speak all manner of evil falsely against you on my account. Rejoice, for that's how they treated the prophets, for great will be your reward in heaven.

I have never known so much hostility and misrepresentation in my life as I have experienced since I came out against Darwinism. Check out some of the responses on my questiondarwin blog if you like.

I would, and do, argue that proof has indeed been found-that molecules to man evolution by natural selection acting on random mutations is entirely unsubstantiated and runs contrary to many scientific obervations and indeed natural laws.

I remain astounded that so many Christians feel it is OK to stand aside from this discussion, when the aggressive atheists are pushing it for all they are worth. Perhaps we are indeed afraid of being called names?

The strangest lie is that accepting a miraculous creation will put people off Christianity. So virgin birth, turning water into wine, healing the sick, raising the dead, fulfilling the law and prophets, vicarious atoning death on the cross, ressurection, ascension into heaven-coming again in glory to judge the living and the dead-that's all cool, but CREATION-thats a step too far. Think about it.

kindest brotherly regards