Sunday, 18 January 2009

Critiquing Newton Faulkner

I decided to write this so I could complain, but then thought that I shouldn't be moaning all the time, so let's start with the positives!

Netwon Faulkner is one of the best mainstream singer-songwriters I've heard. Not just currently, but in my life so far I have heard few artists with such dexterity on the guitar who also manage to write a variety of catchy, melodic, interesting songs. In my opinion, Mr. Faulkner strikes a perfect balance between the niche lap-tapping stars of the internet and the more traditional, mainstream pop ballad artist.

It is also good that he tries to make songs more lyrically interesting than, "oh, in my heart I feeeeel, a love that is so reeeeal..." etc. However, it's his lyrics that disappointed me recently. Specifically, this line in People Should Smile More (an otherwise brilliant song):

"I can't change the world, cos trying to make a difference makes it worse." Talk about a defeatist attitude. It might be understandable to hold the point of view that one person cannot make much of a difference, but where did he get the idea that if he did put in the effort it would make things worse? That's just nonsense. Not your Edward Lear kind of nonsense though, this is nonsense that people might actually believe, and apply to their lives. Grrr.

But he does make exceedingly good music. Gone in the Morning, for instance.

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Anonymous said...

I think Newton's point is not that the world can't be changed for the good, but generally the changes that man has made, so often make it worse. I personally think he's got a point - I could come up with quite a list and I'm sure you could too! In the meantime, let's all just smile more.