Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Thank you Sainsbury's

At the moment I'm working for Shrewsbury Youth for Christ - a local Christian schoolswork project. We've just had a run of Christmas assemblies in several of the secondary schools in the area, which went quite well (or so it seems). To begin the presentation, I wrote a sketch about a tree merchant who tries to change the name from Christmas to "Treemas".

For one of the assemblies, we decided to film the sketch and show it on the projector instead of performing it live. We thought that Sainsbury's was a good location, as they had some trees on sale, and we needed to go shopping for a party anyway.

So, after a conversation with the manager, they let us stand outside the entrance and film our sketch using their trees as props. The slight downside was that it was slightly embarrassing to have curious shoppers walking past as we were performing. It was almost like street theatre. Probably worth it though, as the skit went down well at all the schools.

Oh, and my guitar works fine now - just needed new batteries. Oops.

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