Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Lego is amazing

This article from the BBC reminded me that I've missed off Lego from my list of "Likes" on my first post. It should probably be near the top of the list; near pizza. I spent a large amount of my childhood playing with lego, and would probably still do if I had the time and didn't mind making a few people slightly worried. Apparently I am not alone in my fascination, however, as in 2008 lego was voted Britain's Top Toy. Huzzah.

I've got to be quite careful when start talking about it though, as I distinctly remember some years ago delivering an impromptu rant about the Lego company's marketing strategies that went on much longer than was warranted. (I believe I also digressed slightly to warn my peers away from the evils of Mega Bloks). It is not surprising then, that soon afterwards I began working at Toys 'R' Us - which reminds me of something I missed off the "Dislikes" list: bad grammar. Grrr.

It's interesting to see the progression of Lego into other formats, e.g. the Lego Star Wars computer games, and notably the brick testament. (Which I urge you to enjoy cautiously). Clearly, the humble construction toy has had a lasting impact upon our culture. Well done you Scandinavians.

Here's a comment from Scouse Pie to end with...
"I've find Lego very useful for teaching children to swear. All my kids have played with it at some time and it's amazing how many small pieces I can find when I'm not wearing any shoes - and they are very hard. "My, my!" I exclaim loudly, "I appear to have injured my foot unexpectedly! What silly child overlooked this piece?" - or words to that effect..."

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