Sunday, 14 December 2008

Christmas shopping

I could sum up my usual Christmas shopping habits as follows:
- Don't start until midway through December
- Buy presents for family and friends, maybe 10 people in total
- Get cards from Clinton's and distribute last minute (up to a fortnight after the 25th December)
- Buy at least one "joke present", previous examples include a squeaky plastic chicken and a kit for learning how to bellydance (for a bloke).

This year, I am doing things differently. I have almost finished my shopping, helped by the fact that I am only really buying for family, with exceptions of very close friends perhaps, but I still haven't made up my mind. Either way, there will be fewer presents given out, which eliminates the joke present too. As much as I'd enjoy watching someone unwrap a box of grout again, I'm starting to see that it's not really justified.

Also, I've bought charity Christmas cards this year, and I aim to have them out by next weekend. Emphasis on aim.

I suppose that these changes are a result of trying to be more organised, less wasteful, and a better steward of money. Though there's probably still a hundred more changes I need to make. I don't want to just be a thoughtful Christian, but a radical Christian. What does radical shopping look like exactly?


Phil said...

A reminder of Mr D Matthias' post on the subject of radical Christmas shopping

or check out Advent conspiracy

Phil said...

Oh and this one

Anonymous said...

Cheers Phil, good stuff, and thanks for posting the video on the Hope site too - it's a cracker. No pun intended.

Anonymous said...


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