Monday, 22 December 2008

Bah Humbug

I had a doctor's appointment on Friday to see about a sore throat that has been plaguing me for about six weeks. He reckoned that because I do a lot of singing my larynx never got the chance to heal after a cold and that's why it's lasted so long. He said I should give my voice a rest by not singing for two to three weeks and see what happens.

So no Christmas carols, no singing in church and no songwriting til sometime in January. As these are all things I enjoy, I am mildly perturbed. What complicates things further is that I have a gig on Saturday. I suppose I can make an exception for that, but I won't be practicing much so it could all go pear-shaped, unless I decide to do a 20 minute improvised instrumental. Hmm.

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