Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Am I a lukewarm worship leader?

When my throat is not inflicted I sometimes lead worship at my local church. So this post on Signs of a Lukewarm Worship Leader caught my eye. After a bit of deliberation, I decided to post my responses to each point made...

- Prays more onstage than offstage.

To be pedantic; we don't use staging. I'm pretty confident that I do more praying throughout the week than during Sunday worship. That's not to say I do enough praying in the week. I don't think conversation with God should be something you step in and out of, but something that you're constantly immersed in, and this should show when you're up at the front.

- Is almost exclusively dependent on others songs to sing than writing songs for where their local church is at.

Yes. Currently I do only sing other people's songs. I am trying to write some, but not all worship leaders also have songwriting abilities. Those of you who know me will know that I do write a lot of songs, but not worship ones, it's a hard transition to make from secular anti-folk to worship music.

- Cares more about how many songs he or she is leading than the overall shape of the service.

Not really. I do get slightly miffed if the worship time stops just before my favourite song, but not in any serious heartfelt way.

- Is overly sensitive to criticism.

Hard to tell, since I don't get any. (Not quite true. As a Christian youth worker I get more criticism from kids and it doesn't bother me that much). Constructive criticism is always much more appreciated than thinly disguised slander.

- Is jealous or critical of someone else that God is blessing.

More likely to be jealous than critical. Sometimes it motivates me to seek God; when I see someone else reaping the rewards of doing so.

- Spends little if any time in the Word preparing to lead His Church.

When I'm preparing, I do spend more time looking through songbooks than the Bible. On a weekly basis, I spend more time "in the Word" than in Songs of Fellowship, but again, ample room for development.

- Sings more songs on stage than in personal worship.

I often sing at home, with a guitar or along to a CD, but only when I am alone in the house. But then personal worship could take the form of humming, whistling, dancing or playing instruments too.

- Spends more time mimicking other worship leaders then being shaped into the worship leader they we made to be.

Very tricky. Since I already copy most mainstream worship leaders by being a bloke with a guitar, and sing their songs, it's hard to tell what part of my leading is me. If that makes any sense. How exactly would I go about being shaped? For most practices you have a point of reference, and input from various people. I think that leading worship is similar, you just have to be open to what God is saying as well.

- Says things on stage that his or her family NEVER hear them say off stage.

This is a great one. To be honest, I probably fail here. It's so easy to talk about Jesus in church when everyone expects you to, but then to make your relationship with him private as soon as you leave. Let's talk about "church stuff" outside of church! Please. And blogs don't count.

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