Sunday, 30 November 2008

Funny words

I will start blogging about serious stuff at some point, but for now here's something a little lighter.

A friend and I once spent the best part of a geography lesson compiling a list of funny words. Not obscure words, just normal, everyday words that happened to sound hilarious if you say them on their own. The trouble is I can only remember six of them:

Gnome, bollard, trousers, rump, chimney and bran.

I think we had about twenty by the end of the lesson. Recently I found this webpage devoted to funny words and their definitions. Most of them are words I've never come across in my life, and might be tricky to slip into a conversation. I think I'll set myself the target of saying, "that's a bit of a boondoggle" (an unnecessary activity or wasteful expenditure) at some point this week. It's good to expand your vocabulary, right?

As long as it doesn't turn you into a bibliobibulus.

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